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The Soul of the Couple w/ Dene Logan

Sep 27, 2023 S04 E34 00:50:26

Eli Weinstein interviews Dene Logan on The Dude Therapist podcast. They explore the spirituality and soul of a couple, the collective reckoning with feminine and masculine energies, and codependency. Dene encourages people to seek to understand before seeking to be understood and to take into account the most generous interpretation when dealing with relationships. They discuss the hero's journey and archetypes, the importance of autonomy in relationships, and the advice her mentor gave her about relationships. They discuss reclaiming authentic selves, Carl Jung's depth psychology, the power of love and relationships, and the importance of understanding and grace.

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[00:00:06] Introduction [00:04:31] Seeking answers to life's questions. [00:10:32] Exploring gender, soul, love, couples. [00:16:29] Seeking understanding, not agreement. [00:20:54] Explore spiritual connection for growth. [00:25:37] Healing religious trauma, finding personal truth. [00:29:55] Codependent society leads to self-abandonment. [00:35:09] Explore self to expand relationships. [00:39:58] Find soul, follow bliss. [00:45:33] Remember self, love others: 100%.

Dené Logan is a Marriage and Family Therapist, a group facilitator, and an author based in Los Angeles.  In addition to her work with clients in private practice, she is mindfulness coach, a yoga teacher, and specializes in supporting couples in finding more fulfillment in their relationships. Dené  utilizes her background in depth psychology to explore how each of us can reclaim the aspects of our authentic selves we’ve been conditioned to turn away from in order to maintain attachments. 

Dené is also co-host of the podcast, Cheaper than Therapy. Her first book, Sovereign Love: A Guide to Healing Relationships by Reclaiming the Masculine and Feminine Within, is being released by SoundsTrue in May of 2024. 

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