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The Different Sides of Medicine and Rituals w/ Dr. Tamara Castelo

Nov 08, 2023 S04 00:35:45

On this episode of The Dude Therapist podcast, host and guest Dr. Tamara Castelo discussed the importance of health and wellness. Dr. Castelo shared her expertise in Chinese traditional medicine and how to manage stress, balance sleep, reduce anxiety, and end toxic thoughts. She also recommended two breathing techniques and taking real breaks during the day to help focus and reduce anxiety.

[00:00:06] Healing without medicine: Tamara Castelo [00:03:59] Holistic approach to health, disease. [00:07:11] Chinese medicine: holistic, methodical, complements conventional. [00:10:31] Traditional Chinese medicine: Connecting body systems. [00:14:04] Bridging gap between traditional and modern medicine. [00:17:36] Treat patient, not organ; change mentality. [00:21:14] Find joy in life: five minutes daily. [00:24:59] Breathe, don't drink coffee. [00:28:50] Take breaks, breathe, be present. [00:32:41] Listen to body, eat mindfully, rest: 6 words

TÂMARA CASTELO is a specialist in Chinese Traditional Medicine and the CEO of Tâmara Castelo Clinic (Lisbon and Porto), TMC Health, TMC Holistic and TMC Jewellery. At her clinic, Tâmara treats sleep disorders, thyroid disorders, intestine diseases, anxiety, migraines, and hormonal problems, and takes a holistic approach to healing. She is the author of Healing Without MedicineEating Without Guiltand Full Balance—all winners of Gourmand awards. She lives in Lisbon.


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