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The Joy in Embracing No w/ Natalie Lue

Nov 02, 2023 S04 00:55:33

On this episode of The Dude Therapist, Eli Weinstein interviews Natalie Lue, a boundaries and relationship coach, author, and creator of one of the longest-running self-help blogs in the world, Baggage Reclaim. They discuss the concept of people pleasing, how to validate a child's feelings, the evolution of parenting, and the importance of learning to say no with confidence. Tune in to gain insight on how to become aware of the roles you play in your relationships!

[00:00:06] Joy of saying no: Boundaries, Respect, Self-Love [00:05:04] Socialized into people people-pleasing role. [00:09:17] Empowering children to choose their own identity. [00:13:44] Dialogue, not dictation: 6 words [00:19:54] People please to please others. [00:25:47] People pleasing: suffering, pleasing, avoiding, efforting. [00:31:43] Combat people pleasing: Observe, notice, choose, why. [00:37:16] People-pleasing has a hidden agenda. [00:43:15] Express boundaries authentically. [00:49:27] Dealing with people who don't respect boundaries.

Natalie Lue is a boundaries and relationship coach who‘s the creator of one of the longest-running self-help blogs in the world, Baggage Reclaim, and The Baggage Reclaim Sessions podcast. The England-born, Ireland-raised author helps people understand how their emotional baggage is interfering with their ability to live their lives happily and authentically. Topics she’s particularly well-known for include emotional unavailability, recognising shady behaviour, people pleasing, and values, needs and boundaries. Natalie’s authored five books, including Mr Unavailable and the Fallback Girl and The Joy of Saying No, the paperback of which just came out in the U.S. Her advice has been featured in the New York Times, Forbes, NPR, USA Today, and the BBC, among many others. 

Natalie lives in Caterham, Surrey, on the edge of south London with her husband, two teenage daughters, and cockapoo.

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