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Men Struggle with Body Image Too w/ Aaron Flores, RDN

Oct 04, 2023 S04 E35 00:58:24

Eli Weinstein interviews Aaron Flores on The Dude Therapist, discussing his own struggles with body size and food, and how he changed his perspective on this work. Aaron encourages listeners to reach out to him as a resource and to give a voice to men who struggle with body image. He also talks about how conversations in the home about food and other people's bodies can have a significant impact on how children view themselves. Aaron also discusses the concept of rigidity and how it relates to fear and shame, and the issue of society's focus on celebrities and their physical appearance.

[00:00:05] Six words: Eating disorders, body trust, Aaron Flores, unicorn. [00:06:42] Mental health disorder, not choice. [00:12:18] Coping with trauma through food/body. [00:17:46] Reclaiming body size, teaching kids acceptance. [00:24:56] Fighting fear with kindness, compassion. [00:30:33] Enjoy food, not fear it. [00:35:46] Accepting body, grieving unattainable goals. [00:41:37] Explore body acceptance: 6 words [00:46:44] Let go of diet culture: Compassion, empathy, acceptance. [00:51:55] Connecting through food, self-acceptance, and vulnerability.

Aaron Flores is a registered dietitian nutritionist and Certified Body Trust® provider. With over 10 years of experience, Aaron has worked with eating disorders in a variety of settings over his career, including the VA Healthcare System and Center for Discovery. He currently has a private practice in Calabasas, CA. Aaron uses Intuitive Eating, Health at Every Size®, and Body Trust® as the framework to help individuals develop a more compassionate, non-judgemental approach to food and their body. His work has been featured on the 10% Happier Podcast, in the New York Times, Huffington Post and Buzzfeed. Aaron is also a frequent speaker, presenting at national and international eating disorder conferences. In addition to his individual work with clients, he is also a podcaster. His two shows are Men Unscripted and, Dietitians Unplugged

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