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The Middle Path of Balance + Reset w/ Dr. Yasmine Saad

Sep 06, 2023 S04 E31 00:42:53

On this episode of the Dude Therapist podcast, host Eli Weinstein interviews Dr. Yasmine Saad, a two-time international best-selling author and top-rated award-winning New York City licensed clinical psychologist. Dr. Saad explains how everything is energy and how panic attacks are attempts to rebalance. She also discusses Taoism and how it can be applied to life, and encourages people to look within and find balance. Finally, she suggests focusing on one's zone of genius and reconnecting with inner beauty.

[00:00:06] Introduction [00:04:09] Integrating Eastern Medicine for mental health. [00:08:41] Heal, rebalance, prevent an eruption. [00:13:22] Lost balance, regained awareness. [00:18:01] Rebalance with chi gong and Taoism. [00:22:14] Healing through holistic energy: 6 [00:26:22] Tune into flow, and remove layers of busyness. [00:30:31] Connect to inner beauty, peace. [00:35:16] Let go of emotions, body, thoughts. [00:38:35] Adversity refines, hone skills, be kind.

Dr. Yasmine Saad is a two-time international best-selling author and a top-rated, award-winning, NYC licensed clinical psychologist, with a globally-renowned reputation. 

Her mission is to help people decode their thoughts and emotions so that they can live the life they want. She is the creator of the Inner Message Approach™, a unique process that introduces people to the wisdom hidden in their thoughts, desires and emotions so that they can find their way to their best selves. She has been changing the world of psychology for the past 15 years by teaching her UCU “You See You” method to psychologists so that they can help their clients get to the essence of who they are and reach their potential. 

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