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Burnout + Deep Dive of being a Therapist w/ Moe Ari Brown

Oct 09, 2023 00:49:34

On this episode of The Dude Therapist podcast, Eli Weinstein interviews Moe Ari Brown, a licensed marriage and family therapist and one of the leading mental health experts in gender identity. They discuss burnout in the mental health community, unique challenges faced by the LGBTQIA+ community, and strategies for managing burnout. Brown suggests mindfulness and continued education offered by Simple Practice, self-care activities, and opening a conversation to reduce workload.

[ This episode is sponsored by SimplePractice. SimplePractice, simplifying practice management and reducing administrative work for more than 178,000 solo and small group therapists (including myself), recently launched a survey on burnout. SimplePractice heard from 550 therapists from counselors to psychologists. The results from the survey found that burnout is a serious problem in our profession, in fact Over half of therapists reported experiencing burnout this year.]

If you want to tune in to any or all the CE provided by simple practice, got to

Moe Ari Brown, LMFT (they/he), is one of the leading mental health experts in Gender Identity. Over the past decade, Moe Ari has worked as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with LGBTQIA+ individuals, couples, and families. Through his professional work and journey as a person of Transgender experience, Moe Ari is now an expert in cultivating radical authenticity.⏤The process of integrating, accepting, aligning, and celebrating one's intersecting identities despite threats to belonging. As a public speaker, Moe Ari offers the lessons he learned, hoping that his story will inspire others to unconditional self-love and alignment.

Moe Ari is a CE course presenter for SimplePractice Learning. His courses offer other therapists valuable insights into building gender-affirming and celebratory practices. Moe Ari is also the Love and Connection Expert at Hinge. Pairing Hinge's research with Moe's expertise in LGBTQIA+ relationships, Moe is at the forefront of building an inclusive dating space where all daters can find love, both in the app and offline. Moe Ari is also a public speaker, educating others on allyship for the Trans community. Some of his academic work, "Transcending the Binary: A Narrative Therapy Approach to Helping Black Trans Men," is included in Black Couples Therapy: Clinical Theory and Practice, a textbook for graduate-level family therapy published by Cambridge University Press.

Moe has been featured in many news articles, podcasts, broadcast interviews, and magazines throughout the US, UK, and Australia. Moe is also a co-host of the Be Your Own Love Goals Podcast, co-host of WHO NU? The Northwestern Pride Alumni Club Podcast (NUPAC), a former adjunct professor at Adler University, a consultant on DEI & Belonging, and a 2023 TEDx Atlanta speaker.

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Moe's TED TALK: 2023 TEDx Atlanta speaker

[00:00:06] Therapist burnout: Mo leads conversation on burnout. [00:04:16] overwhelmed and not knowing if I was gonna make it.Therapist journey: Struggling, overcoming, helping others. [00:09:23] Balance admin, clinical for sustainable therapy. [00:15:17] Find balance as a clinician. [00:19:49] Compassion fatigue, burnout, grief, balance, support, reinvigorate. [00:24:47] LGBTQ+ burnout in clinicians. [00:29:26] LGBTQ+ mental health: Compounded traumas, systemic barriers. [00:35:10] Therapists charging more, access limited. [00:40:04] Therapist burnout relief: Civil Practice October CEUs. [00:45:09] Heal burnout: Empathy, compassion, why, resources.

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