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How to Model for Your Kids w/ Sarah Moore

Oct 17, 2023 S04 E36 00:43:11

On this episode of the Dude Therapist podcast, host Eli Weinstein interviews Sarah R. Moore , author of Peaceful Discipline: Story Teaching, Brain Science, and Better Behavior. They discuss how to model and educate a partner on a healthier parenting style, the importance of breaking cycles of intense parenting, and how to effectively communicate with a parenting partner. They discuss the importance of redefining respect, the goal of parenting being to help children thrive, and working together as partners rather than enemies. They also emphasize the importance of being responsive to children, understanding their stories, and leading with compassion and connection.

Sarah R. Moore is the author of Peaceful Discipline: Story Teaching, Brain Science & Better Behavior and founder of Dandelion Seeds Positive Parenting. As a Master Trainer in conscious parenting and Board Member for the American Society for the Positive Care of Children, she’s also a public speaker, armchair neuroscientist, and most importantly, a Mama. With training in child development, trauma recovery, interpersonal neurobiology, improv comedy and play, her work supports parents and caregivers around the globe. Follow her on Instagram, FacebookTikTok, YouTubePinterest, and Threads.


IG: @dandelionseedspositiveliving 

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[00:00:05] Balance parenting with play, science, and reality. [00:03:51] Empowering parents to respond to kids. [00:09:15] Discuss parenting practically and compassionately. [00:13:26] Model behavior, talk peacefully. [00:18:11] Gentle parenting: brave, compassionate, connected. [00:22:24] Heal inner child, break cycles. [00:26:17] Heal inner child, model compassion, curiosity. [00:29:59] Model emotional authenticity: 6 [00:34:59] a little bit better? What can I do to make this transition a little bit smoother? And then you start to build on that. So start small, start with the wins, and then build on that.Grow through gentle parenting: start small, focus on wins. [00:39:50] Create peaceful parenting: balance, play, seriousness, reality.

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