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Teens + Mental Health w/ Zach Gottlieb

Sep 20, 2023 S04 E33 00:36:31

Eli Weinstein interviews Zach Gottlieb, the seventeen-year-old founder of Talk with Zach on Dude Therapist. They discuss the challenges of moderating conversations on social media, the importance of relationships in the lives of teenagers, and how adults can create a safe space for them to come to for help. Zach points out the importance of creating a platform for young people to openly talk about mental health, the need for emotional intelligence, and the importance of creating spaces for teenagers to be seen and heard.

[00:00:06] Zach Gottlieb changes mental health talk. [00:03:07] Founder of Talk with Zach: Balance Mental Health. [00:06:52] Positive teen relationships: Empowering, vital, seen, connected, educated, grown. [00:11:16] Teenagers struggle, parents listen. [00:15:41] Empowering teens to open up. [00:19:03] Empowering youth to share vulnerably. [00:23:17] Open up to men, be vulnerable. [00:27:00] Creating trust through trying. [00:29:30] Emotional intelligence classes in schools. [00:32:41] Create space for teens to be heard.

Zach Gottlieb is the 17-year-old founder of Talk With Zach, a global Gen-Z wellness community that harnesses the power of young people to engage in important conversations. Talk with Zach has been featured in TIME, TODAY, CNN, PBS, and NBC News, among others. His motto: “We can’t change what we don’t talk about.” Learn more at and @talkwithzach on Instagram. 

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